5 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 5000 Dollars in 2020

Regardless of what you’re looking for, floor standing speakers are the ultimate addition to any home sound system – even before soundbars. Seriously, all you have to do is just set the speakers up on the floor, kick back, relax, and experience the full real awesome sound treatment like you’re in a movie theater or at a concert.

With their true, full-range sound thanks to the low bass response drivers, you won’t be able to find a speaker type that beats them out. You might even be able to save some money too without the need for additional subwoofers!

As you might expect, there is a full range of floor speaker designs to choose from. Most offer multiple drivers and woofers, and some models include specialty speakers for certain frequency ranges. You’ll feel the music like never before, but it can be difficult to get through all that technical jargon at times to find just the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks.

Worry not, as we’re here to help with a list of the five best floor standing speakers under 5000 dollars, explaining the most attractive features of each one. Take a look at our floor standing speaker basics too in order to help you choose the speaker that most suits your needs. Soon enough, you’ll be able to relax with the right floor standing speaker in your living room!

Without further ado, here are the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks available today!

Top 5 Floor Standing Speakers Under 5000 Bucks – Our Picks

#1 – Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

Coming in at the first place in our “Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 5000” guide, this is a higher-end speaker pair that produces an unparalleled sound. Featuring excellent structural rigidity thanks to the lyre-shaped cabinet, the speakers have been fitted with an array of spurious resonances, which ensures clear, dynamic and detailed sound is heard. They’re such a great shape that you’ll be able to set them wherever you’d like too, without your house looking too cluttered.

Thanks to the front reflex, you don’t have to worry about undesired reflections with a rear wall either. The baffle is characterized by the waveguides, which provide for the harmonious housing of the driver and that provide you with the engaging and vivid sound you’re looking for. If you are searching for speakers to complement your existing home theater system, you will be more than pleased with the high-quality sound these produce.

Of course, you receive superior sound quality. On top of that, these speakers are also extremely easy to use and set up. Even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you can have a great sound system in your home, not to mention how beautiful the speakers are. Their design is meant to fit in with any décor, so if your significant other isn’t a fan of large speakers, the design at least should help them warm up to these.

#2 – Klipsch RP-240D Black Home Speaker Matte Black

With the help of Tractrix Horn technology, the RF7II speakers can provide more lifelike sound and more output all while using less energy than comparable options. It’s taken some time to get here though since, over the years, the Klipsch brand of speakers has undergone extensive changes and innovations to now offer this pair with reduced distortion, improved reliability, and a larger soundstage. Of course, that means that you receive a much better deal for your purchase, as well as a sound that can’t be replaced.

Usually, speakers like these are heavy, but the Cerametallic woofer is light, yet rigid, with a sturdy body that will withstand kids, pets, or just simply accidents. With the specially treated aluminum material, it’ll help reduce and completely prevent cases of distortion. Then you have the titanium tweeter, which features not only linear travel suspension but also trickle-down technology from the original Palladium series. Take a second to experience that natural, open sound that makes you feel as though you are standing in a studio with a recording artist.

We know quality sound isn’t the only thing you’re after though. You want something stylish for your home too, making these speakers perfect. The rounded feel provides less protrusion, which creates a slimmer look for the cabinet and ensures that they’ll fit in almost any preexisting home entertainment center. For you, this means less clutter. The copper also accents accentuate the speakers further, helping create a unique look for any home.

#3 – Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower with Built-In Powered Subwoofer

The Definitive Technology Mythos is a floor standing loudspeaker that features a 1200-watt subwoofer that has been built into the tower. You’ll notice the bass control right away, along with the one-inch magnesium tweeter with 5.25-inch BDSS bass and mid drivers. With sound like this, you might start to think the movie theater is the one lacking a great sound system!

The ST-L tower is actually a huge change from the original Mythos ST, which was originally introduced back in 2007 and received great reviews from experts in the audio industry. This is the latest generation of the Mythos line of speakers, meant to improve all the great qualities that were loved before to provide you with a superior sound system.

You’ll still have the same extruded aluminum enclosure and built-in subwoofer as the previous model, but this new model will also have a new and improved user interface, amplifiers and drivers. As a result, you receive a much better listening experience for an affordable price.

It’s great that this speaker is so sleek and simple too, with an unobtrusive design meant to fit anywhere and blend into anything. It’s so small that you’ll be blown away with how much quality and power it really has.

#4 – Polk Audio LSiM 707 Loudspeaker

You’ve probably heard of Polk since it’s a brand that’s well-known in the audio industry for superior sound. The LSiM 707 speakers are no exception. These floor standing speakers feature dynamic sonic engine design, which optimizes the unit’s midrange driver, as well as the ring radiator tweeter in individual interior chambers. This provides for improved transient response, greater horizontal off-axis response, and superior imaging compared to other options you may have thought about.

The ring radiator tweeters have also been re-engineered and enhanced to provide listeners with superior details, as well as realistic imaging. You won’t miss a thing with these sleek and stylish speakers set up in your home. It’ll certainly provide your home with a little pop of color without being too much, and give you a sound system all your friends will be jealous of. Compared to other speakers in your price range, this speaker is unlike any other. Sit back and listen to that sharp and sleek sound for movies, home theater systems, and more.

#5 – JBL Studio 580 Dual 6.5-Inch Floorstanding Loudspeaker

JBL sound quality is unsurpassed in the industry, so of course, we had to include a set of their speakers for you to consider when looking for the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks. This set of floor standing speakers offers a dual, 15” two-way design providing 90-degree by 50-degree. No matter where you are in the room or how far away the speakers are, you’ll hear the sound like it was right next to you.

The speakers not only provide superior sound, but they also feature a sleek, rugged exterior, with a 16 gauge screen backed protective steel grille. Fit them anywhere in your home without a problem, and watch as they almost completely blend in. Do you have kids, or pets, or just a clumsy friend too? Don’t worry about these sturdy speakers getting ruined, since the enclosure finish is made of tough DuraFlex material, ensuring your speakers will last regardless of what life throws at them.

When it comes to the best floor standing speakers under 5000, these speakers are one of the highest quality, not to mention that they’re extremely affordable too. It’s never been easier to add some sound to your home and relax with your music.

Choosing the Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 5000 Dollars – Buying Guide

When looking into the best floor standing speakers under 5000 dollars to pick one for your home setup, here are the factors that you need to consider:

Speaker Basics


Let’s start with what goes into floor standing speakers. These are the biggest type of speaker that is made for the home. Although they can be very large, they are about 3ft to 4ft tall and a base, known as a footprint, around 1 sqft in size. Drivers produce the sound through vibration, and floor standing speakers contain several drivers to allow for a large range of sound. The amount and type of drivers vary depending on the model.

Four different types of drivers are found in floor standing speakers, each one emitting a specific frequency range. Our ears can detect sounds that range from 20 – 20,000 Hz. A driver’s size typically depends on what its range is. The higher range frequencies have shorter sounds waves and therefore have smaller drivers. Lowers frequencies require larger drivers because they have longer sound waves. The types of drivers found in floor standing speakers are:


Tweeters are small drivers and get their name from high-pitched tweets that birds make. These drivers are typically at the top part of the speaker, and emit high frequencies in the range of 2,000 – 30,000 Hz.

Tweeters come in three different types for floor standing speakers; horn, cone, and dome. Horn tweeters offer a high-frequency sound that is focused and precise and low on distortion. Cone tweeters are usually made from paper and tend to produce more of a distorted sound. Dome tweeters have superior sound and range, due to that fact they are made from strong materials like silk, polymer or mylar. Check out our homepage for more info on other speakers.

Midrange Drivers

Midrange drivers produce a sound range from 500 to 2,000. The human voice and instruments fall into this range, so having a good midrange driver is essential. They are constructed out of different types of materials that affect the sound. Certain high-end horn tweeters work like midrange drivers because horn tweeters actually resonate in the midrange frequency. This adds energy to the speaker sound and makes it easy to match the woofer to the tweeter.


Woofers get their name from low-pitched noises that dogs make and produce low-frequency sounds that range from 40 – 1,000 Hz. Woofers are famous for the ability to produce intense bass. Tower speakers are often preferred over bookshelf speakers because of the superior bass of the performance of woofers.


Subwoofers are the drivers that magnify bass sound. They have a 20 – 2,000 Hz range. These sounds are hat’s known as “non-directional,” which means there is flexibility where you put them in the room. Sometimes subwoofers are in conjunction with small speakers to avoid needing tower speakers. Regardless of what type of speaker you have, you always need a speaker with a subwoofer in your home to properly produce lower frequency channels.

Speaker Size

Size is always a consideration in any large purchase and can be extra important to consider in speakers because the size controls the loudness. The first thing to consider is the speaker being able to fit in the space you are thinking of putting it. If you think you have limited space, make sure you take some measurements to get an idea of the maximum size speaker footprint that will fit.

Typically, the larger speakers produce louder sounds, so the size you choose depends on personal preference and intended location. Larger rooms will need larger speakers to carry sound throughout the room.

Materials the room is made of also make a difference in considering speaker size. The acoustics in a room affected by everything from walls to furniture. Soft materials like carpet will absorb sound soundwaves and dampen the sound. Harder surfaces like wood reflect the sound waves and increase the volume, sometimes even distorting it. Consider the size and materials of a room when choosing the best floor standing speakers under 5000 dollars.

What to Consider

When buying the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks, you’ll want to consider any specifications given by the manufacturer.

Even though specification doesn’t measure the quality of sound from a speaker, all models are required to give the customer a set of specifications. You’ll want to have an understanding of what they mean to make an educated speaker decision. Key specs to consider when looking into the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks are:


Frequency response is measured in Herz (Hz). A speaker’s Hz is the range of frequency it can produce. Because floor standing speakers have multiple drivers, hey can produce wide ranges of frequencies.


Impedance is measured in ohms and measured the current resistance that impacts the load a speaker can handle from an amplifier. The current is constantly in a state of flux, but a speaker is given a nominal rating to be used for comparison. Most impedance values typically fall into one of these ranges: 4, 8, and 16 ohms. You’ll want to match the impedance of a speaker to your amp. If you mismatch, it can cause sounds problems or be damaging to equipment.


The sensitivity measures the efficiency of the speaker to convert power into audio. This is measured in decibels (dB). The lower the rating of sensitivity, the less efficient it is. Even a few decibels can have a large impact on power watts needed to sound. Floorstanding speakers tend to have high ratings of sensitivity in comparison to other speaker types.

Cabinet Construction

If you’re going to invest in best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks, you’ll want to make sure you get well-constructed cabinets that are anti-resonant. Quality cabinets mean that the speakers are sturdy and cause a disturbance in sound quality from vibrations emitted from the drivers. You’ll want to consider the cabinet’s finish and if it fits with the look and aesthetics of the room.

You’ll also want to consider the footing of the cabinets. Some footing comes with carpet spikes for holding the footing in place on carpets. These will scratch hardwood floors.


If you’re not mega passionate about listening to music or watching movies and you’re not a surround sound fanatic like me then I would be reluctant to spend too much money on a floor-standing speaker.

However, that is not the only price factor to consider. Obviously, there are personal spending limits (or maybe none) which will influence your research of the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks too.

Also, even if you’re not a music fanatic, you should still consider buying one of the more premium floor standing speakers because, generally, they are of higher quality and last longer, which equals better value for money in the long run.


The way a speaker fits into your living space is important when you’re researching the best floor standing speakers under 5000 dollars. You want your speaker to compliment the room not stick out like a sore thumb. For that reason, the appearance of your potential purchase is a factor worth considering.

In my experience, any product that doesn’t fit into the interior design of a room usually doesn’t last long no matter how useful it is. When making space, removing clutter or giving the room a makeover these stand out items are the first to go. So by picking a speaker that will be aesthetically pleasing usually results in a longer life span, which means more bang for your buck.

So, in short, if you like the way it looks = getting more value for money!

Your Favorite Genre of Music

Depending on your favorite genre of music, different speaker models will suit you better. For example, if you are going to purchase a great set of speakers because you love listening to opera music then you need to look for speakers with a high-quality high-range. Your primary focus when checking out speakers is your primary concern. However, if you’re like me and you have no particular favorite genre of music or movie then you should look for the best all-around speaker. All the speakers we have reviewed are good all-around speakers with some of them having stronger points than others. Check them all out up the top of this page.

The Crossover Design

So each speaker has two or three “drivers”, these are the tweeter, woofer, and sub-woofer. Different drivers will handle different sounds depending on what frequencies they are. Generally, the tweeter handles the high frequencies and the woofers handle the low-range frequencies. The job of the crossover is to determine when each sound is sent to each driver. The crossover point is a huge factor in determining the quality of the speaker.

Quality of Drivers

​This refers to the quality of the tweeter, woofer, and subwoofer. Not all speakers contain all three, some of them just have a tweeter and woofer. As explained above the ideal crossover point depends on the quality of each driver.

In my experience, the less expensive range tends to have one driver way better than the others, which causes a “strong point” for that particular speaker.

Depending on the strong point of a speaker, or your perceived strong point that will decide on your ideal crossover point. This is more of a concern in less expensive speakers because higher-end ones usually have good all-around quality.


The size is yet another critical feature to consider when looking for the best floor standing speakers under 5000 dollars. This factor depends on your living room and what type of property you live in.

Questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Do I have space for this?
  • Will these particular speakers look ridiculous?
  • Will I eventually have to remove them to make space for inevitable future products?
  • Will the people I live with accept these?

Despite plenty of women saying size doesn’t matter. I assure you when it comes to floor standing speakers, it does.

Picking the Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 5000 Bucks – FAQ

Where to buy the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks?

When making any large purchase, such as one of the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks, it’s a good idea to consider your options when it comes to how to buy. One of the biggest questions to consider is whether to buy your speakers online or in person.

One obvious advantage of buying speakers in a local shop is being able to touch and hear the speaker you are interested in. It’s also nice to have a live person show you how the electrical hookup process.

Some speakers you will only be able to get in-person because their manufacturer doesn’t sell online. Also, if you decided you ultimately don’t like your purchase, the return can be a lot simpler if it’s just in town.

When buying online, you have your choice of thousands of different brands and models. You’re also often cutting out a middle man, and getting a much better price from an online seller. Many online speaker companies provide free shipping for return since floor standing speakers as such a big investment and it’s important to get the right ones. With the huge variety of choices at your fingertips, shopping online can be great fun.


Getting the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks is no small feat. Besides being a hefty investment, there are several factors to consider, including the ones we mentioned above. Should you go over our buying guide and reviews thoroughly, you’ll be able to pick the best floor standing speakers under 5000 bucks with ease.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your choice and unleash the true power of your sound system!


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